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Tempting The Heiress - Book #3 - The Bedegrayne Series

Tempting Fate

Brock Bedegrayne, the eldest son of the Bedegrayne siblings has secretly longed for Amara Claeg, the daughter of a baron, for what seems like an eternity. When he learns that Amara's parents have arranged for her to wed the wealthy and ruthless Lord Cornley, he is outraged but knows he cannot prevent the nuptials. One night changes Brock's life forever when he and Cornley engage in a drunken brawl at a gaming hell, and Cornley is fatally wounded, forcing Brock to flee England...

Tempting Passion

Several years have passed, and Amara is still haunted by memories of a night that shattered her world. Now her father has presented her with the man who is to be her new betrothed, and though she harbors no love for him, she must accept or she will be disowned. The Brock returns, determined to claim her, and she is drawn to a deep desire she cannot ignore--to a man who has vowed to win her heart no matter the cost. Yet surrendering to her forbidden dream is more perilous than she could have imagined for the past has returned with a vengeance, and it will take all the power of a man in love to save her . . .

Order - Alexandra Hawkins

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