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A Gentleman At Heart - Book #2 - The Bedegrayne Series

Wynne Bedegrayne seems destined to remain a spinster. Her beauty and charm mean nothing when her intelligence frightens off every suitor--and her charitable work with the Benevolent Sisterhood leads her into scrapes no sensible man would condone. Then Wynne finds herself the object of Keanan Milroy's dedicated courtship.

The celebrated pugilist may be lowborn, but his character is above reproach--and the passion he awakens within her is irresistible. But when Wynne learns that Keanan's seduction may be motivated by something far less pure than desire, she resolves to teach him a lesson. If nobility is a matter of behavior rather than blood, then she'll risk everything to teach Keanan that he is a gentleman at heart . . .and that nothing is more honorable than love.

Order - Alexandra Hawkins

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