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A Lady's Mischief - Book #1 - The Bedegrayne Series

Book #1 - The Bedegrayne Series

Fifteen years ago, a strange twist of fate made Rayne Wyman both the Viscount Tipton and a notorious outcast. Now a practicing surgeon, even Rayne's vow of revenge has not tempted him to reenter the polite world, and he is certain that nothing and no one ever will.

Then young and remarkably lovely Devona Bedegrayne summons the temerity to knock on his door and demand his help. Intrigued by her innocence, exasperated by her determination, Rayne never imagines the danger Devona faces--or the irresistible desire she will awaken--when he becomes her willing accomplice in a bit of very scandalous mischief.

Order - Alexandra Hawkins

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